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Ordinary People FINISHING Extraordinary Events!

About Us

17 years ago, while training for my first marathon, my number one goal was to JUST FINISH the race. Sure, I had some other time-based goals, but finishing was the ONLY one that really mattered. If I finished, I'd consider myself successful. I'd be happy. However, what if I had only focused on a certain time and came up a few minutes (or seconds) short? I'd be angry and unhappy, focusing on what didn't happen (meeting my time) instead of what did happen (FINISHING A MARATHON!!!).

Back then, I was just an ordinary guy that decided to finish something extraordinary. And that's what JUST FINISH is all about: encouraging, motivating and supporting ordinary people in their extraordinary adventures. We have a strong focus on endurance athletes but the "Just Finish" mentality works with any activity or situation that has a beginning and an end and requires a heavy dose of persistence, commitment and hard work to make it through.

I look forward to hearing about your next finish!

- Kevin Green