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Patti and I hit the packet pickup today at 1st Place Sports for this Saturday’s Run for the Pies 5K. It is a twilight run and starts at 2000 hours, (also known as 8:00 p.m. for all you non-military types). The elite race is 30 minutes prior and is run through the city blocks around the start of the open race. The criterion style course gives all of the spectators and runners in the open race a chance to watch the elites make several laps. It should be a lot of fun. Several of my friends are running that evening too.
I ran my first interval today in about 5 weeks. I ran an 8 x 220 with a 15 second cool down. I ran this before 0630 on grass. My shoes picked up a lot of dew, but it was good to run fast on grass. I ran to the field from the house, and that gave me over a mile each way. I was soaking wet even at that early hour. It has just been so humid around here lately.
I was able to stride it out with no problem. I can run strong on flat ground but the injury to my pelvis keeps me from running a hill or lifting my knees. I am going to get this checked out in a week or two. It is one of the most puzzling injuries I have ever had. I am able to function normally for the most part, but there are several moves that I absolutely cannot do.
If you are reading this, you are invited to a party at my house immediately following the Marine Corps Half Marathon and 5k run on 3 October 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida. I am trying to rally plenty of friends and family to run this event (either race). We can make a weekend of it. The good news is that if you can walk and carry a brick, you can train for and complete either event. Think about it. Regardless of your fitness level now, you can be ready to walk/run in October.
I drink a lot of water. Just exactly how much; I’m not sure. I decided to quantify the amount to make sure I am getting enough and also to better advise others about their consumption. I fill up a 64 ounce container as soon as I wake up. 64 ounces has always been a standard that is universally agreed upon as adequate. I have been going through the 64 ounces by about 3:30 p.m. I continue to drink after the 2 quarts and usually have around 90-100 ounces. It is often said that one of the keys to youthful appearance and longevity is proper hydration. Well, since both of those are important to me I need to assign value to them to so I can assess my levels. I think you should do it also. Make sure your container is one that can be rinsed well after a use or two. Drink well and laugh often.

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