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Last night I was having some limiting pain in my hip/pelvis area. Not really sure how that came to be. I was not having any problems this week until yesterday evening. So, this morning I went back into the pool for more deep water running and expanded stretching. I will remain vigilant.
The 4th of July 5K is probably a scrub at this point. I could easily run the race, but I will probably opt for a training run that day. After all, I do have an exciting race series planned for August; the Tour de Pain.
Patti posted her fastest walk yet. She recorded a personal record today with a 13:38 pace per mile. These are not run/ walk miles. These are all walk. I don’t know if you realize just how fast of a walk that is. I can still outrun her, but I can’t walk that fast, not for three miles. She can feel it in her quads today. Great walk Patti!
The last 24 hours have been kind of strange with the passing of both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. These two were a major part of pop culture and a part of our lives for at the least the last 30-35 years. I am still shocked that Michael is gone. I have not watched any TV since we heard the news. I don’t want to see a long line of friends and celebrities talk about how tragic this is. I get it. I can feel the loss, but I don’t want to experience it in a mass commercial setting. I don’t want to speculate what or why or how this could have happened. I have watched plenty of his videos today while sitting here with Patti at home. We’ve talked privately, and are remembering great moments throughout his career. Michael is at peace and I grateful to have all of his great music to listen to.
Have a great weekend.

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