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Well, this is my first blog on justfinish.com so I thought I would open by saying this, get off your lazy ass and do it! Ok, now that I have that off my chest let's proceed with my post. I'm 39 yrs young and I'm sure like many of you, your earlier day's were more active, but as the years went by and we jump started our careers it took over and the balancing act began.

I can tell you that balancing work, family and life activities isn't an easy thing to do. So, if you have an old Chinese secret for balancing I'm sure we would all like to know about it so please share. Here's what I did to make some changes in my life. First of all I work for the 3 largest company in the world doing Global Web Strategy so my time is limited and I travel often. I made a decision about 4 weeks ago to change my life and to make every attempt to start bringing balance into it.

Todd, Kevin and this new community is a motivation vechicle for sure. Here's my workout plan for now.

My workout plan:
Start: 5:30 AM End: 6:30 AM

Monday: Chest, Run 3-4 miles on treadmill
Tuesday: Arms, Run 3-4 miles on treadmill
Wednesday: Shoulders, Back, Run 3-4 miles on treadmill
Thursday: Legs, Run 3-4 miles on treadmill
Friday: Run 3-4 miles on treadmill

I recently signed up for the 100 pushup challenge and it's great. If you haven't done this yet or would like to know what it is please check out www.hundredpushups.com for the routine.

The bottomline is this, I feel better than I was and I'm starting to notice the balancing act come together. Family, work, body and mind. WOW!

You know, the hardest part is getting up at 5:15 AM to get to the YMCA by 5:30 AM to start my workout. Once you've made the commitment though you'll find that you start looking forward to it. Yes, I know this sounds crazy!

Enjoy and JUST DO IT!

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