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There are a lot of injured runners and athletes out there. I’m seeing an alarming number of runners with some type of nagging injury. I talk with a lot of runners across the nation and it seems that maybe 3 of 5 have some sort of injury. Amongst the diehard endurance runners, it’s a higher ratio. Why so many injuries?

Most of your endurance runners are over 40, in fact, statistics tell us that the average age of the marathoner is 41. I have run a number of marathons where there are more runners over 60 than there are under 30. At the age of 41+, injuries are more prevalent. Our bodies are not as flexible as they once were. My body can’t cash the check my ego continues to write. And the number one cause you ask; over use injury, (I know Patti saw this one coming, everything with me is either over use or lack of water, and yep all of our problems today fall into one of those categories).

After the injury, there is usually a period of denial. Or more accurately stated, a period of assuming it is only a minor glitch or ache, so, the running continues. Although, we do let all of our running friends know we are hurting, we all want to be seen as someone who is fighting through a bit of adversity, we’re tough. If our performances don’t measure up to the usual standard, our friends will simply say, “Oh, you know Darryl is fighting a banged up blankety-blank”. We are making a public statement of sacrifice, we can sustain significant pain.
Reminds me of the story of the two Southern gentlemen sitting on a porch in Milledgeville, Georgia. One says to the other, “Why is the ole hound dog sitting over there moaning so”. The elder of the gentlemen replied, “He’s lying on a nail”. “Laying on a nail”, replied the younger fellow. “Why doesn’t he get up”?

Well, you see, it hurts enough to moan about it but not enough to get up off of it."

You can lump me into the group of runners who are “lying on a nail”. I will get my ‘non-specific” pain looked at, but in the meantime I’ll just continue to throw in a series of sub-standard performances, cause I’m tough.

We are in the summer race cycle. We are all a little banged up from the spring races. No serious races are run in June-August, heck September too for that matter. Knowing that, you have all the summer to get your butt to “Sick Call” and get checked out. I guarantee you that I will be ready to rock and roll in the fall and winter. Don’t tell me in November that you have a nagging metatarsal from April-May timeframe. Racing season will be here before you know it. Start you medical care and PT this month. I know you think you know everything, but it wouldn’t kill you to ask for a little help. Hope you feel better.

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