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Run for the Pies 5k, Jacksonville, Florida June 13 2009

You missed a good one! We had a great day and from the looks of all the competitors, a good time was had by all. The start and finish were at The Landing in downtown Jacksonville.
This race was an 8:00 pm start for the open division. At 7:30 the fast qualifiers ran an exhibition race. The men had to have posted a sub 17:00 before and the women a sub 19:00. The women started two minutes ahead of the men and they all ran 5 laps around two city blocks. The winner was the first person to cross the finish line. A guy crossed the finish line about 20 yards ahead of the female. They were all cruising across the finish line.
The elite race got the entire open field fired up and we started our race within 10 minutes. I bolted out of the start and felt good, although I could tell I was going a bit fast. I had decided to set a one mile time that was fast enough to run a sub 20:00 5K (sub 20= free pie). I hit the first mile in 6:21. I was laboring by the halfway point in the race and slowed to a 6:37 average at mile two. My final mile was unrecorded, but I hit the finish at around 21:15.
I didn’t want to leave anything on the course today. I pushed hard in the first mile with the hopes that I could maintain that pace, but it was not to be today. I will look at my training and make adjustments. My first thought is longer endurance runs and continued speedwork.
After crossing the finish I grabbed two bottles of water and took off in search of Patti. I found her in the race running strong. She actually looked better than I thought she would and was further along in the race than I expected. She ran for 5 minutes and then went into a 1:1 ratio of one minute running to one minute walking. She passed plenty of runners who were fading. After the last right turn, you could see the finish down by the waterfront. With several hundred yards to go, Patti ran strong and hit the tape in 39:38. Her 5K run from Memorial Day was 41:xx, so she shaved off nearly 2 minutes from her last race. She was pleased and I was ecstatic. We were both very hot, despite the fact that a light rain fell on the last 10 minutes of the run.
It was great to see the Carter’s and the Cambron’s after the race. Jerry passed me after the one mile mark and within a few minutes I lost him in the crowd. He would go on the beat me by about 20 seconds, again. Congratulations also go out to Garrett, Kim and Todd for running great races. We need ALL of the family members to run with us next time.
Let the post race celebration begin! They really did have a fun party afterward. The after party was better than some marathons I’ve seen. There was a live band, and free pizza and beer. Although the beer was nasty! I have never liked “Lite”, (Sorry, I know it is in poor taste to complain about free stuff). I still had too large cups and four pieces of pizza . It will surprise you how tasty a slice of pizza is after a hard run. Patti and I put on dry t-shirts and hung around the festivities until about 10:30. It feels kind of weird heading home from a race at that hour of the night. A slice of pie would have been great to cap off the evening, but you had to earn your pie.

I hate that I didn’t run fast enough to get a dog –gone pie. Agghhhh! I should be able to run sub 20:00 in my sleep. I will get back to that speed. I am at my lowest weight since I ran my last sub 18:00 5K in 1994. I ran a 17:51 that year and the following weekend I ran an 18:03. I am happy with my training and like the challenge of figuring out just exactly what I need to do to crack the code.

Next year you need to put this one on your calendar. I see why this was the 31st annual Run for the Pies, it really is a great run and a fun evening. Gotta go, I’m heading into the kitchen to bake me a pie.

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