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Just got back from my first jeff galloway dallas meet up. It was getting HOT at 7:30am but we did 3 miles including a magic mile (MM). my knees were hurting so I just did the best I could. I've never ran with others around me being a solo runner so I was feeling pretty good about not being last. I'm looking foward to next weekend. We're starting earlier, 6:30am, running 4 miles and having a shoe discussion with some shopping at the local running store - Run On! We are using their parking lot for our home base so might as well take advantage of the 15% discount that morning.

BTW - ran with my nathan handcarry, err, don't care for it. going back to my belt and continuing to look for maybe a camelback type hydration system. more water and more storage (phone, keys, fuel, etc).

Target Marathon: White Rock Dec 2010

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Comment by Jim Brennan on June 7, 2010 at 12:28pm
Looking forward to more of your assessment of the Galloway Meet Ups (meets up?). Will be curious as it progresses.

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