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As I've mentioned before, I am using this New Years day marathon to raise money for a charitable effort:  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/rosesherman/roseshermansfundr....  I know the economy is in the crapper, but I'm starting to get seriously bummed out about how far from my fundraising goal I am... 


That, and I am starting to get good and truly terrified about my questionable ability to complete this marathon.  I went out to Stony Creek for the first time this past Sunday and ran 18 miles.  (I am using the word "ran" loosely.)  Up until then, I'd been doing all of my training on the pancake that is St. Clair Shores.  GOOD LORD, I had no idea how many hills there are at Stony Creek!


I've been having some setbacks with my training.  Minor ones.  I missed one short run, and had to cut another one short because of leg pain that put me in the ER.  I seem to be almost fully healed, and fortunately the ER doctor who took care of me is a marathoner himself, so he was very encouraging.  He did tell me that I was to "participate" in this event, not "compete," and that my ONLY goal should be to finish.  Which it is.  And I know that with my unathletic past and the few health complications I have, it is a miracle that I can run at all, no matter how slowly.  But I can't help but have those insecure feelings about how slow I am, how awkward I am, how it may take me until New Years 2013 to actually finish this thing...


I guess what it is boiling down to right now is that I am getting scared about this marathon, and the lack of response to my fundraising efforts is compounding the problem.  How do I keep my spirits up and my head in order, and not let myself panic and cry?

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Comment by Paul Abbott on January 5, 2012 at 5:30pm

Hi rose,

your ER doctor is right your goal is to finish. you'll get the same medal as the person who finishes 1st. Fundraising is never easy. Have you tried posting on Facebook so that all your friends can donate. If you have post again and suggest that they donate just a couple of dollars if money is tight. Have you emailed all your friends?

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