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 Day ONE of Nerves

 Feb. 28, 2011

    I am all about challenges...I have been since I jumped out of a plane for the first time in 2002.  It was strickly something I put out in front of myself; seeing if I could hurdle my own bar.  I did it.  Then did it again.  I've finished many 5 and 10ks, walking and running.  Admitting, I am not a runner.  I am a goal setter.  And, once again, I've set a goal, but this time I am afraid.  Wow.  So not me!

     My friend, Laura, and I leave for NYC on March 18 to run (I will run and walk) the half-marathon there.  For some goofy reason, I decided it would be a good, and exciting, challenge.  Me...running through Times Square at age 53.  It sounded pretty cool at the time.  Now I'm terrified. ~Mailou


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Comment by Mary McManus on February 28, 2011 at 3:51pm
It's perfectly normal to have pre race jitters. If you need a dose of inspiration, check out my you tube challenge www.youtube.com/marysunshine.com or my blog at www.newworldgreetings.blogspot.com. Enjoy the journey and have a blast!

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