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first day of training for 2012 distance bike ride in UK complete....more on the blog.

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Salinas Valley Half Marathon Recap

A bit late but as they say, "better late than never!" So my wife and I ran the inaugural Salinas Valley Half Marathon last weekend. The production of the event was first rate. There were signs beginning from the freeway exit all the way to the parking lot. Once parked we had to take a bus to the start. Not a rickety school bus, but a nice plush tour bus. At the start were a ton of port-o-potty's. Volunteers were checking in frequently to ensure people weren't having to wait too long in line.… Continue

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A weekend out at Ruby Campground.

Kim and I packed the family up and off we went out to Ruby Campground for a weekend of hang'n with the Team, (Team Sandbag) and doing a little racing. We rented one of 4 little cabins they have there. I was not expecting much and to my surprise, it was really nice inside with plenty of room for me, Kim, and the girls to sleep! I raced in the 35-39 Sport CLASS, (ended up in 11th place with a really awesome drag race to the finish with a good friend of mine!)…


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JG Dallas 4 miler

First of all I just wanna say I was bummed for awhile. Last saturday I forgot to report in my magic mile (MM) to our leader. Once I did that I found out that I was in the slowest group - UGH. I knew I was slow, but I thought I was at least in the slightly faster group. so most of the week I was bummed.

I did have 2 really great 30 min runs thru the week, practicing forefoot running - so maybe next time we did the MM, in a couple of weeks, I can get up in the other…


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June 5th

Just got back from my first jeff galloway dallas meet up. It was getting HOT at 7:30am but we did 3 miles including a magic mile (MM). my knees were hurting so I just did the best I could. I've never ran with others around me being a solo runner so I was feeling pretty good about not being last. I'm looking foward to next weekend. We're starting earlier, 6:30am, running 4 miles and having a shoe discussion with some shopping at the local running store - Run On! We are using their parking lot…


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National Running Day

How are you going to celebrate NRD? I'm going to head out and get a 3 miler in later today after work. Yep, it's going to be hot Hot HOT but that's ok, alot of my run is in the shade and I just need to move. I bought a handheld nathans hydration bottle yesterday and I'm egar to try it out.

About me: 45, widow, on and off fair-weather runner most of my life with no direction or purpose to it.I'm also a ex- endurance horse back rider (30s, 50s and attempted Tevis 100) Always…


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We Want to Make YOU Our Next Amazing Success Story!

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We Want to Make YOU Our Next Amazing Success Story!…


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We are Hiring!

Personal Trainers/Body Transformation Specialists Needed

Fitness Evolution in Laguna Hills is Hiring Fitness Trainers At Fitness Evolution our business is set to blow up and we are looking for hungry trainers to service our killer programs and clients!

I’m putting this out to any trainer through our networks who is ready to come aboard and learn how we are crushing it! Fitness Evolution is gearing up to dominate the OC, so polish up your resumes, write…


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Bought the new Reebok Zig Pulse Shoes

Last week I bought a pair of the new Reebok shoes called Zig Pulse. They look silly but they are very nice to run in. Lots of cushion and comfort, which is what this 52 year old runner is looking for. I’m not crazy about the color schemes they have. But the shoes feel great. I have run about 45 miles on the TM and today I got out and did 9 miles around the lake. Very nice feeling on the cement and asphalt.

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Beast of Burden

I just signed up for the 2010 Summer beast of Burden. This will be my first Ultra. It's run along the Erie Canal. I've never run more than 26.2 so this will be a real challenge for me.

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To say that I have been blown away by the support I have gotten from my sweetheart wife, family, friends, Goon Squad members, other runners, bloggers, Facebookers, Twitterers, Daily Milers, Just Finishers, and bike shop and radio colleagues, would be an understatement. To bless you all would take too much space here. You know who you are. You were the much-needed padding in the walls I've been bouncing off of for three weeks.

more at…


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My son wants to compete in his first triathlon. He has trained all winter, working on his weakest event, swimming, and is ready to go. But there is a problem. I lost my job and with it my medical insurance. Well if you can't show proof of insurance, you are not allowed to compete. He is heartbroken. I don't know what to do but do no think it is fair. This must be a problem for others too. Is there such as thing… Continue

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Riding at Island Lake 4-2-10, with the family.

We went out to Island Lake on Friday April 2nd 2010. This was our daughter Avery's 1st mountain bike ride... She rode the entire BLUE LOOP! This is about 10.5 miles long and is all single track. She had a couple rough crashes, but was able to shed a few tears and put it behind her. She used her gears well, thought about her line she was riding great, and was able to stand up when things got bumpy. Here are a few photos from the day! What a great day and…


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Pictures from the YMCA's Leprechaun Loop are in my photo file.

I am working around a couple other small things that are all annoying me greatly, but I have some from the Leprechaun Loop loaded up to Just Finish and will have more up through the weekend. Please feel free to copy and paste any that might be interesting to you.

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OK. So here's the deal. I lost my job a week or so ago. I'll not bring it up again, except to say that, as a result, I have a some extra time on my hands. Because of that, in order to retain some semblance of sanity, I have decided, urged on by a number of friends, to write my long-thought-about running book. But I need your assistance.



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MultiVitamins Don’t Work

This is some disheartening news that has come out about multivitamin supplements. I’m a little upset about this, I have to admit. I’ve known that for the most part over-the-counter vitamins are not great, since they are often too hard-packed for our bodies to process. So what happens is that we usually urinate them out without receiving much of the benefit. …Fitness Evolution Recommends Juice Plus Products


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Words of Wisdom From Seth Godin

Hey everyone, Listen, I’ve been working on an email for you all because sometimes life is not pretty and it’s hard and it’s ugly and it’s unfair and it can kick us in the teeth and leave us gasping for air and feeling like nothing makes sense and the future is bleak and falling in around us.

A few months back I got a blog post from Seth Godin called “…


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