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Is it a Marathon, that Century Ride your buddy keeps talking about, the local 10k, maybe it an Olympic Tri this year?


Many people have multiple "A" events in a season, do you? How do you prep for multiple peaks throughout the entire year and still maintain interest in the your "B" and "C" events?

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currently my race schedule is still in progess but my "A" race right as now is the Blue Ridge Double Marathon, that i will run with Kevin. its gonna be an Epic good time
My "A" for 2011 is The 1/2 Marathon in Pittsburgh on Apr.15th, I have done tons of 5ks(my Favorite run) and a few 10ks, this will be the most distance every for me and I'm pumped. My goal is to finish @ or under 3 hrs., I feel that is do able. Thanks for asking  Marcus D

Hoping to manage a Half Ironman triathon...maybe July 3rd. That would be my "A" event....I think...also thinking of a marathon in the fall, which could certainly qualify as an "A" event. These would be firsts for me.  "B" event was run a few weeks ago...half marathon...and hoping to run another one in early April "Run for the Retina" in London Ontario, a fundraiser for retina research... Everything depends on how my former(I hope former) fractured femur holds out....less running and more cross training...and of course work schedule can also interfere with events!! "B" event will also be Olympic distance tri in Sarnia, end of July.

It is interesting how an impossible goal less than 3 years ago is now a "B" event for me! Decide, commit, sacrifice, suffer and give it everything you have has brought me from the couch and snack isle (and the oversize ladies shop) to the finish line (and the bikini section...well, maybe I shouldn't be in the bikini section).

Justfinish has been a great support in the persuit of my impossible dreams!

My biggest event of the year will be Steelhead Half-Iron in August, my first Iron-man. This past Saturday with my Lifetime Fitness Elite Triathlon team.........we did an indoor half-iron, it was awesome. Took me 6 hours to complete it and I felt great! Can't wait for the real thing. Lots of B events from adventure racing, to many half-marathons starting with the Martian Half, followed by the inaugural Festival of Races in Mt.Clemens, both are in April. I'll do the Island Lake Tri, the Motor City Tri and a women's only tri.......man, there is just so much to choose from. Others in my eyesight - Brooksie, Crim Freep. There will be lots of fun stuff in store too...........the Warrior Dash in July which is sure to be a hoot! I want to do some duathlons too!

I guess I have two "A" races this year. I am signed up to run the Black Hills 100 ultra marathon in Sturgis, South Dakota, which will (hopefully) be my first time running 100 miles nonstop. And my other "A" race is the Dances With Dirt (DWD) 50K in Hell, Michigan. I ran DWD last year and it was so much fun. Can't wait to do it again this year!

Good luck in SD, John! Be sure to look me up when you're in Michigan for DWD. That was my first ultra and it's a great race.

I'll be out your way in June for Western States. :-)

Hi Kevin,


Good luck at Western States! My race in South Dakota is actually on the same day (June 25), otherwise I would have been cheering you on at the Duncan Canyon aid station (mile 23) hosted by my racing team Quicksilver Running Club of San Jose. But if you need anything just tell the aid station captain Dorsey Moore that John Burton said to hook you up ;)


Yeah, I loved Dances with Dirt. I got third place last year (about 4 minutes back from the two leaders) so if I am in good shape I'd like to try and contend for the win this year!




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