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Hey lets do a fun poll and see who likes to wear what. My vote goes to the Pearl Izumi in a Motion Control model.

At the moment I am also walking with a pair of Spira's during my rehab. They make it possible for me to walk on blacktop roads where I live.

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I've been wearing Saucony since I was a teenager. I've tried on other brands, but I always end up feeling most comfortable in something Saucony. I've been wearing the Progrid Guide for two years, although I think the original may have been discontinued and I may have to try the Guide II or III next time around.
I have always liked the Brooks Adrenaline GTS serie...but I am not pleased with the GTS 9s...I may switch back to Asics.
I wear asics kayanos....with my orthotics. I get new ones every 3 months.
Pearl Izumi Surge - original. I had a pair of these when they first came out and then found them on PI.com for 50% off so I bought 2 more pairs. I have about 800 miles on each pair now and they still feel great. I am not looking forward to buying a new pair of shoes at full price!
Asics. They are light and sturdy.
I am a huge fan of New Balance 769's also! I've tried Asics, Puma, Mizuno, Saucony and NB's seem to work the best for me, plus I get the most mileage out of them.
I wear asics kayano 15s or saucony hurricaines but don't mind running shorter races in brooks adrenalines (8s or 9s). My biggest issue is having to have two different sizes of shoes. If I run less than 7 I'm usually good with the smaller size, but anything over that I need a 1/2 size bigger or my toenails all turn black and my toes feel crunched. But if I run in the bigger shoes for shorter stuff I feel like I'm running in clown shoes. I'm a re-tard...I know :)
Brooks Ravenna - I can get 500 - 750 miles out of a pair before I can feel the support starting to break down. Nice ratio of comfort, performance & price.
I prefer Asics 1140's...I've tried the newer, but prefer the older model - too many changes that don't agree with me in the newer models.
I have worn New Balance almost as long as New Balance has been around, The 850 is my favorite, I know there are a ton of "high tech" shoes out now, But good old New Balance has never let me down.
I'm now using Saucony Kinvaras and Vibram VFF sports. They are both great shoes.
I've been running in Brooks Adrenaline (road shoe) for about 5 years now, even though I log most of my miles on trails rather than roads. I like the agressive tread of the Adrenaline's, which works great on rocky terrain. But if it's really muddy or rainy out I wear my Solomon Speedplay GTX2 which have mountain bike style tread on the bottoms.


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