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Hey lets do a fun poll and see who likes to wear what. My vote goes to the Pearl Izumi in a Motion Control model.

At the moment I am also walking with a pair of Spira's during my rehab. They make it possible for me to walk on blacktop roads where I live.

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I'm partial to the New Balance line. I use the 769's currently. New Balance shoes are made in the US, they don't use sweat shop labor.

New Balance got it right with that series. I think the labor issue is a very fair consideration.
I'm a tried and true Brooks girl! Can't wait to get the new Defyance 3!
I learned to run in Nike Air Max 180's. I love that shoe, not the brand. I have not found another shoe I like as much. I ran my last marathon in Spira Strikers and I will use them for the Goofy Challange in January.

I am using a pair of Spira Genesis during my rehab. I think I will stay with them.
Before last year I always ran in new balance. In the early spring I bought a pair of Brooks ghost and I love them. It's a fast light weight shoe. I do want to try those vibram five fingers shoes.
I walk in a pair of Mizuno's that the MIzuno rep gave me as a gift after I finished Boston Marathon. My favs 4 running are Nike Vomero.
I also use Vibrams. I have a problem with my foot that prevents me from running in them daily but I like to do about 5 miles at a time once a week or so with them. They help keep my foot strike directly under my body.
I have only run in Asics-been in the Nimbus since April and it has completely cured my IT band issue. They feel a little heavy though. I would like to try a Brooks and a mizuno (just to see the difference) but I am a little nervous that a change will get my IT band acting up again.
Asic Gel Kayano, love them! 6 pair a year for two years!
I wear Nike Air Pegasus. On my fourth consecutive pair. They are reasonably priced and widely available and I have had no foot related problems wearing them. I am sure there may be better choices out there, but I am not willing to experiment without a reason. Besides Bill Bowerman designed the originals.
I like Asics, I use Foundation 8, and Kayano 15 at this time.


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