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Help!! I am a relatively new runner (have been running for over two years now). I have finished a half marathon and several 5 & 10Ks. Since August I haven't been running regularly due to school & work activites. Now that I am trying to get back into a regular running routine (for the past week, I average three miles a run and run every other day), I have been experiencing very painful aches, mainly in my feet & legs. I have had a mild case of plantars, but now it is alot worse too. I am almost 40yrs old and am hobbling around the house like I am 80!!! My question is..is this normal??? ...should I just press through or should I back off :( ???

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Treat your PF by standing on the stairs with just the balls of your feet on the step and let your heels drop as much as possible. Do this for three minutes three times a day until the pain goes away. Then once a day for three minutes after that. As you age your calf muscles constrict and will pull at the heel. This puts pressure on the PF and since it is the smaller muscle it will pull from the bone slightly or tear causing your pain. This permanently cured my PF and everyone I know with this problem who listened to this advise has gotten relief too. You should be able to run through PF but don't overdo it.
I'm not calling you old at 40 (far from it) but that seems to be when it frequently develops.
Hope this helps.
Plantar Fasciitis needs to be treated all day long...so, you need to wear shoes in the house,at work where ever you are........something with support like you running shoes or Birkinstocks. Lots of stretching as well as NSAIDS such as ibuprofen can help too. Make sure your running shoes have the proper arch support that you need too. Good luck!!
I find that stretching is the key and you might want to back off on the mileage and build up more slowly while you stretch and get your body acclimated to running again. You might also want to consider doing core strengthening exercises as well. You might also want to consult with a personal trainer to work out a well rounded training program for you. Good luck!


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