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I need to put together a new running playlist and I’m looking for recommendations.

What does everyone listen to while they run? I’m looking for up tempo & inspirational.


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Hey Aaron...I love to run to "Home for a Rest" by Spirit of the West, or Great Big Sea sings it too, not sure whose song it really is. It is a fun song and the lyrics are hysterical. When I am slowing down, or feeling like I want to stop I change my ipod to this song and I get energy from it!! I kept repeating it the last mile of my half marathon, when I was struggling.
Blinded by the Light has a good beat I like to run too as well....it also brings me back to my teen years!! LOL
Aaron--when I listen to my Ipod I like "vintage" (old) rock (ZZ top, Huey Lewis & TN, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen). Also mixed into my playlist are a few running cadences from the military, which you can buy on itunes-I have two to three mixed into my playlist.
Punk Music, loud with a uptempo beat. Bands like The Gaslight Anthem and The Draft are my favorites


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