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Alright folks! It is Bike Month. I want you to sound off on what you are riding & how often you are going to ride to work/school this month. Everyone had better be riding at least on May 15th.

I’m riding a ’97 LeMond Tourmalet & aiming for riding to work 3 days a week (6 miles each way)

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I have a simple Raleigh comfort bike. I rode a lot last summer. 36 mile round trip to work. I did it a couple of times a week. I really loved it. Sadly I'm having surgery next friday on my shoulder and will be out of comission for about 12 weeks. So I will be able to ride in August. Bu the 3 hours each day was a very nice time for me. No cell phone, no emails. Just me and my trusty satellite radio.
I have a 2008 "Medallist".... probably nobody has ever heard of it, just a cheapie, but I pimped it up this spring...ready for triathlon. I also have a Trek Hybrid 2007, which I started with 2 years ago, after not riding a bike in over 10 years. (even used it for my new found sport....triathlon, last summer!! LOL)I use it now for hill training on the trails near my house.
I would cycle to work everyday(weather permitting) if I could. I live in Canada and work in US. They do not allow bikes ( or walkers) on the International bridge that I have to cross to get to US. If they decide to allow bikes on the bridge on May 15th, I will ride!! I do take my bike to store with napsack and get groceries...I can fit a watermellon on my back!! LOL
Here is my bike (blue one) I built a pair of them about 12 years ago and have over 7000 trouble free miles on it.

Dan - Those are SWEET! I've always wanted to get on one of those and just RIP down the road!

Yes, I plan to ride to work this month. In fact my scheduled commutes start May 5th. My 5yr old daughter and I are riding to her school then I will continue from there. My commute isn't much, only about 15 miles roundtrip, but it will get me on the bike and that's exciting. I hope to complete at least 10 school/work commutes with month!
Oh, my ride(s). Quiring Cycles, small custom builder from Charlotte, MI. just outside of Lansing. His bikes are built with the best craftsmanship, service, and all handmade from scratch with a smile. All MTB's, but I ride everywhere.

(photo) This is my latest custom Ti 29er.
I have a Trek WSD 1.2 road bike I got last year. I am planning to bike to work at least once a week starting this coming week (I have one normal work day hours and the rest are all over the place either starting very early in the morning or ending late at night). It takes about 13 miles one way to work. It's a long ride and through some construction areas (don't you love that), but I am just happy to be outside after a long winter.


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