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Looks like the people at the Blue Ridge Marathon have made it semi-official:



If you're interested in joining me this year, let me know by responding below.


Committed so far:

1 - Kevin Green

  - JP Preston (Out)

  - Mike Daly (Out)

2 - Kristen Hunt

3 - Travis Honaker

4 - Mike "Dirt Dawg" Croy

5 - Bill Wenner

6 - Eric Ashley

7 - David Dysert

8 - Mike McMonagle

9 - Joshua Finger

10 - ???


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Count me in Kevin! 

You've been added to the "committed" list, Mike!

I'm in! Any advice on how to train for this? I live in Raonoke, so I have the advange of running Mill Mtn. and Raonoke Mtn. freely.  I'm in search of a good training schedule for a 50+ miler...any advice/suggestions?

Thanks and good luck to all.



That's awesome, Kristin! I'll follow up with my training schedule for a 50-miler. Our plan for the double Blue Ridge goes like this:

Start running our first marathon at 2:30am, giving us 5 hours to finish before the start of the official race. Last year, we finished in about 4:45, but we'd like to be closer to 4:30 this year. We'll stay together during the first marathon as it's dark and the course isn't fully marked yet. We'll plan to start the second together but will probably spread out over the second 26.2 miles. We'll meet up afterwards for a big group hug!

Great, thanks so much. I look forward to meeting you all in April! Let me know if there is anything I can do or drop off along the course since I am local. I may also be able to persuade a few people to cheer us on...maybe not at the 2:30 start, however.

Do some experimenting with GU packs,electrolyte pills and research how low sodium levels affect long distance athletes. These will all be very important in finishing the 2nd 26.2 miles.

Did you guys use any type of support vehicle during the first 26.2?

We didn't have any support during the first 26.2 last year. Well, other than the awesome people with the party/water stop around mile 20 that decided to come out for our marathon with coffee and donuts around 6am.

We did stash a couple gallons of water around the halfway point, but barely used them. We all carried hydration packs and handhelds and carried our nutrition. I can't remember, but we may have refilled at the 20-mile donut stop. As of right now, this is probably how it'll be this year too.

count me in on this merry little adventure.


Friday night Pasta Dinner: http://blueridgemarathon.com/pastadinner/

This might be a good meet-up for all of us. What do you think?

I'm down for that.  Although just about any time I'm around the market area, I am drawn to Thelma's Chicken and Waffles.  I can't help myself!  Probably not the best pre-race meal though...



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