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Looks like the people at the Blue Ridge Marathon have made it semi-official:



If you're interested in joining me this year, let me know by responding below.


Committed so far:

1 - Kevin Green

  - JP Preston (Out)

  - Mike Daly (Out)

2 - Kristen Hunt

3 - Travis Honaker

4 - Mike "Dirt Dawg" Croy

5 - Bill Wenner

6 - Eric Ashley

7 - David Dysert

8 - Mike McMonagle

9 - Joshua Finger

10 - ???


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Might be up to double digit runners soon...


Just added our 9th confirmed runner (assuming you all are still "in")...we need 10 confirmed and the race director will come out to our 2:30am start to see us off.

Also, don't forget to get your ticket to the pre-race dinner so we can meet up and talk about the next day's adventure.

Here's my "hill" workout that I'm doing this year and that (slightly modified) got me through the Grand Slam last year:

Power Incline Workout - 2625 feet of vertical gain (on treadmill)

0.0 - 0.5 miles: 8:00 pace at 0% incline
0.5 - 2.0 miles: 15.00 pace at 15% incline - holding on every other 0.25 miles
2.0 - 3.0 miles: 8:00 pace at 5% incline (this is new)
3.0 - 4.5 miles: 15.00 pace at 15% incline - holding on every other 0.25 miles
4.5 - 5.0 miles: 8:00 pace at 0% incline

That looks great. I ran Mill Mtn. twice and hit Roanoke Mtn. this weekend, and my legs are just a little upset with me. Your hill workout will be a great help during my weekday runs. Thanks!

I'm jealous that you get to run up those mountains whenever you want!

BTW, I'll be power-walking all the big inclines during the double...

I was also up that way this past weekend, Explore your limits 10K trail run at explore park. Man what a mud fest...... My running pal and I plan on hitting the roanoke mountain loop a couple times before the actual double, might see you up there

I'm in..Can't wait to meet you all and enjoy some dark miles with you!


How's everyone's training going for the double? Mine's been non-existent and things should be interesting for the second loop around the course!

BTW, we lost another runner and we're down to 8.

I'm with you. I have been training hard, however, I am going to suffer through the second loop. Luckily the hospital is close by!

10 days until the big day! How's everyone feeling? Who got tickets to the pasta dinner?

Weather looks good too: http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/USVA0659

Couple things as we get closer to this adventure:

1) Please respond to this so I know you're still participating. In your response, tell me what size T-Shirt you wear (cotton, unisex sizes). Also let me know your plans for Friday afternoon/evening in regards to the expo/registration and the pasta dinner.

2) Just got an email from Pete with the Blue Ridge Marathon and he's going to reroute us as we finish our first loop so that we can finish at the actual starting line where the PA will be set up and all the "normal" runners will be waiting and will be able to cheer us in!

I still plan on running. My shirt size is small. As for Friday, I do not plan on going to the pasta dinner. I will most likely go downtown to pick up my packed after school Friday and go home and try to sleep for a bit...(we'll see how that works). What time do you plan to meet Saturday morning? I think it will be awesome to finish with everyone there ready to start again!


I have been keeping an eye on the weather as well. It looks like there is a 3o% chance of rain and a high of 70 degrees. Fingers crossed the rain will hold off this year!


Any last minute advice?????


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