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The title says it all. If you ran today, please respond with a quick post about your run.


Also, please visit our new online training log and route planner and post your workouts there too! 

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Roofy Runner Girl, Tom & I aka Team McManus did 4.8 miles around Castle Island - gorgeous day - 15.2 min/mile Total workout 73 minutes with average HR for moi 138 and peak of 150.
Did 4 miles again today with my golden! Not out of the woods yet (re: ankle) but each run is more and more promising.
After running 9 miles home from work yesterday I figured I would have dead legs today.Got home
after run yesterday and fired up the ninja for a recovery smoothie:
crushed ice,coconut milk/ovaltine/Jarrow soy essence protein powder,organic mango,organic strawberry,
organic banana,udos oil,honey,dates,and chia seeds.
woke up this morning and surprisingly felt like Tarzan the ape man-Jane was sleeping so i headed out to the trails.
Only 10 minutes to White Clay state park-went to Judge Morris estate and did chestnut hill trail 3.5 miles(8 percent grade)-
twice. First lap did the ultrarunner death march,second lap ran like i just busted out of prison and the hounds were coming.
Did 7 miles in just over an hour- starting to feel strong.

Another interesting occurrence-
read this article

found it interesting- but then it dawned on me that the home this guy lives in is the same home that
my 99 year old uncle resides. Ive left word there and im trying to arrange to run with him.
Running with Lisa smith batchen and the running nun Friday.Cant say that these are junk miles-
Ill keep looking for new opportunities but this week looks like porn for runners.

If you cant do great things just do little things great.
hope your last mile is your best mile.
good morning!

I ran this morning.Lots of wind but I did it and I am so happy to get back into running.I have given myself til fall to get back in racing shape as I have put on the pounds.In Fla, fall is when all the racing gets going so I will be ready to tow the starting line.
I am going to add strengh training a couple times a week .
Ran 7 at 11 8.40 minute pace
Ran between 6 & 7 miles at 330
Had a great 6-miler this morning - still not entirely back up to speed, but am finally getting back to a pace and stride that feel good.
6.56 in 52:09--intervals. I am really struggling it seems...maybe just subconscious impairment of turning 40.
Ok, good news, my legs still work. Ran/walked an easy 6 miles today. Two more easy runs until the Flying Pig!
4 miles after work negative mile splits the whole way.
Got in an early 6-miler in the chilly wind. Temps in the high 30s with the sun up was a little disorienting - usually when it's that cold during my AM runs, it's March and sunrise isn't until after I finish!
I enjoyed today's sunshine and warmer temps! I did my first half-brick since the injury. 3 miles after cycling for an hour! Felt great!
Out and about for 6 tonight at pace. Awesome night to be outside. Hope everyone is enjoying Spring!


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