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The title says it all. If you ran today, please respond with a quick post about your run.


Also, please visit our new online training log and route planner and post your workouts there too! 

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two 4 mile TM runs on the 10th and 11th. I have been ill...had to take 5 days off.
I am so excited to say that I did run today! My total time was 58:00 - I'm almost to an hour of cardio time again. I am very sore because I did a lot of hills on my route. I'm not sure of total mileage - but my average heart rate for 48:00 was 131 with peak of 150. The sun was shining and temps were above freezing so streets were clear. It was probably about a 3.5 mile total. I hope that the weather holds so I can get out and run with more consistency to begin building endurance again.
I got in a nice and easy 10 mile run this morning. I didn't wear my watch but I was back in the house in about 90 minutes. Beautiful day!
Hurtin today...ouch! Able to knock out a 5k only!
Got out and ran 7 miles this morning. Did a little hill work going back and forth over the expressway overpass.
i sort of ran today!!!

did a slow, cautious 3 miles on the treadmill (36 minutes)...still treating my right foot with great care! then did 5 on the stationary bike in 20 minutes. then
700 ab crunches (yes, i did!! most ever)
100 back extentions @110 lbs
and 6 laps in the pool (wanted to do more but i was a little tired)
the foot feels great, btw. thinking i am very nearly 100%. planning an epic bike ride for tomorrow as i have LA Marathon in 4 weeks. need to get SOME kind of training in.
I ran 14 miles for Valentines Day. ;) Took about 2:20 to do it. Today (15th) is a rest day.
I got up early and ran 5 miles this morning. Just enough snow on the sidewalks and getting in my eyes to keep things interesting. Averaged an 8:07 pace for a total of 40:37.
Another early-morning run...5 miles, 39:57 for a 7:59 pace. It's getting warmer out there!
3.61 in 27:27... beautiful day!
Yes, weather has been CRUDDY here in Fort Wayne...left work for 2 hours this morning and did a 6 mile run....no, it didn't take me two hours to run 6 mile:) Have a 1/2 mara trail run coming up in Vegas on 3/13...have to be ready to run on dirt and stones rather than snow and ice!
I ran a short two miler outside for the first time in weeks...I have to day I missed the dreadmill...I am spoiled with the freedom to flip between espn and food network...


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