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The title says it all. If you ran today, please respond with a quick post about your run.


Also, please visit our new online training log and route planner and post your workouts there too! 

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Sun 01/24 4 miles in 35 minutes Location Caribbean sea
Mon 01/25 4 miles @9:13 pace Location Grand Cayman Island
Tues 01/26 5 miles @9:04 pace Location Roatan, Honduras
Wed 01/27 5.5 miles in 50:50 Location Cozumel, Mexico
Thurs 01/28 7 miles in one hour Location Caribbean sea
Friday 01/29 7 miles in 1:05 Location Bahamas.
Total for trip 32.5 miles. What a great time.
Wow, Dan, what was this- a running cruise? Where do I sign up? I'm sitting here in northern Maine with 3 degrees outside! That must have been a fantastic experience- good for you!
It wasn't a running cruise, I just made time to run each day. It helped offset all the great food on the cruise. Now I'm back in Michigan looking at 17 degree weather for my run today but still looking forward to it.
Got it. Keep up the good work!
That sounds heavenly Dan!
4.66 in 39:12... very cold this AM 10*F
Saturday ran 12 miles at a 9.14 pace and did about a 5 mile hash Sunday
6.5 miles today at 8:54 pace. Readjusting to the cold weather.
Roofy Runner Girl and I did 3.2 miles in 48:13. It was cold (20 degrees) with head wind but we were so glad to be out there in the fresh aka frigid air. She's getting ready for the Hyannis 10K on 2/27.
3.93 miles at a 8:20 pace through the snow.
Ran 5.12 at a 9.09 pace
6.5 a bit slower today. Slushy and the wet pavement was starting to ice up. 9:06 average.


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