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The title says it all. If you ran today, please respond with a quick post about your run.


Also, please visit our new online training log and route planner and post your workouts there too! 

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Actually it was Sunday night and Monday morning. A friend and I did a 50 mile treadmill run at a local gym. Great experience! Learned a lot about nutrition on an ultra, maintaining good running form as the miles pile up, and mental toughness, i.e. my blistered toes screaming to my brain to stop the insanity and brain replying: "Not now. Dealing with queasy stomach." Good, Brain! My time was 11:53. Not good enough for a Wheaties box pic but at 56 I'm ok with that.
Sounds like fun! How did you manage the pace during the 50 miles? Were you on a planned run/walk schedule?
Yeah, I definitely had to have a plan for my mental health. Started out with a "time pyramid" of 25,5,20,5,15,5, etc. down, then back up to 25 with the running at 6mph and the walking at 3mph. For a short while I bumped it up to 6.2 and 3.1 but then felt like I needed to back off some because of an achilles problem. After that I would listen to my body and fluctuate running between 4.5 and 5.5. When necessary I'd hop off for a bathroom break or some fuel from our "aid station". Worked well.
Holy goodness, Joe! Wow...congrats on the 50 miles!
Thanks, Todd.
That is mad crazy Joe - and to do it all on a treadmill. Do you have an ultra planned?
Hi, Mary. Yes, I do have a 100 miler planned for early May after a snowshoe marathon in early March. However, my right achilles is giving me that grating sensation, so I'm a bit fearful of what that might mean. :-( Do you or anyone else out there have any experience with this? Btw, I'm totally impressed with your 2009 Boston Marathon finish... Congratulations!
First run in 13 days...nice and easy 5-miler out there in the cold! I'm back and fully recovered. :-)
3.23 miles in 29 minutes / 8:59/m pace in 27*F (16 with windchill) and 23 mph gustin winds...and loved every minute of it!!!!!!
How r u feeling Sue? Sounds like you are totally recovered!
Mary, thanks for asking! I'm doing good...the cold seems to make me feel the area of groin pull a little, but so far so good! :)
Ran on treadmill - hills - level 1 (max incline 1.5%): 3.14 miles in 45:00
Alt. 4.0 mph 3 min, 4.5 mph 2 min
5 min cooldown
TOTAL - 3.35 miles in 50:00 (496 cal-machine, 553 cal-montior)


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