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Watch this video and then leave a comment below about why you'd like to run the Blue Ridge Marathon in 2012 with me!I have one free entry to give away. When leaving your comment, please let me know if you are actually able to travel to Roanoke, VA for the race...as I will only draw the winner from those people that commit to running the race if chosen. Full Race Details can be found here: http://blueridgemarathon.com/


Blue Ridge Marathon: America's Toughest Road Marathon from Pete Eshelman on Vimeo.


I'll be down there for the third time, running a double marathon for the second year in a row.

I'm picking the winner on January 21, which is three months before the race! 

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Having grown up in east Tennessee, I love the mountains & the challenges they present, particularly for someone who now lives in a flat area like Detroit. That's one of the main reasons why each February I go back to Chattanooga to do the the Scenic City Half & will be doing Big Sur this May. Even though the course would be a challenge, the scenery, especially that time of year would be absolutely spectacular.

As a NC native, I am looking for any close long distance events to participate in.  I ran my first 50k at the UROC event last September and I thoroughly enjoyed running through the mountains of Virginia.  The scenery and landscape was awesome.  I am always up for a challenge, and love running hills to mix things up from the normal 'flat' terrain.  I am doing the Pilot Mountain Payback trail marathon in Feb. and the VA Creeper Trail marathon in March.  This would make for a perfect marathon for April!

Cause its NOT ordinary

If this is the same event previously known as the Blue Ridge Parkway Marathon (and I think it is), then I'm absolutely in!  That's been on my to-do list since I learned of it's existence.  I love the BRP and visiting the Roanoke area.  It wasn't on my list for 2012, but that can change if entry becomes free.  Plus, though I'm not a 50-stater, I haven't run a race in Virginia yet, so there's that.  Granted, I need to be in Vegas for work the next day, but I'll be east coast up to that point and tickets haven't been purchased yet, so I could totally make this work.  This is how I plan my life!

Also, if it's not already part of their finish line, I want to demand the race director give me an actual feather to put in my cap.

I'd like to run this because it is probably the most demanding event and perfect setting i can think of to test ones mental toughness for a road marathon, and i'd like to be able to run it as a double and show people that nothing you can dream of is too tough to accomplish. run happy and runwell my friends

I am running this marathon because I want a huge challenge. I usually do two marathons a year, but since I am getting married next fall, all I think I will have time for is a spring marathon. So, with only one marathon for 2012, I picked this one, because I know it is going to be the toughest race I will ever run.

I ran the first Gettysburg marathon last spring, and Pittsburgh the year before that. My other three marathons were flat marathons in the fall. I actually really enjoy hilly marathons a lot more than flat (my last PR was Gettysburg). I don't know if I will be able to say that after this race, but I can't wait to find out!

Oh, and my birthday is only two days before, so I suppose this is a crazy birthday present to myself.  :-)

Tough is not even in the realm of this race. I have run 22 marathons, many were tough, this is insane! On my quest to run all 50 states, I have encouraged and challenged anyone who will listen to visit my home of Roanoke, Va to experience the beauty and hospitality we offer. Train hard and know you are accomplishing something amazing! Good luck!


This year I am going to do the marathon twice....hahaha, or that's my plan.

I would love to run this race!  I cherish races that are off the beaten path and offer more than a boring, run-of-the-mill race route.  Hills and trees are always better than a flat and fast course.  I'm always looking for a new challenge and this one sounds like a lot of fun (I'd like to "put a feather in my cap"!!!).  Plus, this race fits in perfectly with my Ironman training :)

Ok, we had eight entries. I used http://www.random.org/ to generate a random number and lucky #1 come up! That's you, Jim Kuhns. Please let me know ASAP if you are willing and able to run this event. If you can't run it for any reason, I'll draw another winner.

Hopefully you'll still consider this great event even if you didn't win a free entry. In fact, I may have a discount code you can use...


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